Here is the first song I ever recorded.

I have a bunch of Rock songs written but this is the only one that I have ben able to record so far. Kind of a basic Rock-n Roll style, maybe a little blues in there.


I have the song for you to download and listen to in Real Audio, MP3, and regular WAV files. In 30sec and full length versions. You can download Real player G2 or Windows Media Players, if you don't already have them. So you can hear my songs faster.

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Here's an MP3 of the whole song. It's comes in real quick too:>) You know what to do!!

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Or there is a 30 second (.wav) sound file you can download, if you want to hear what it sounds like and you don't want to download Real player or Media Player. It will take about 8 minutes at 28800bps. But if you've got the time:>) or a faster modem. Please do:>)

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Time Wasted


Wasted, Wasted too much time

Seems like, seams like such a crime

Wastin', wastin' too much time

Seems like, seems like such a line

But I've wasted, wasted too much time


Be back, be back in the sky

And I've watched it, watched it all go by

Wasted, wasted all my time

Be back, Ya' He'll be back in the sky

And I've watched it, watched it all go by


(Psalm 85:10-12)

Love -- and faithfulness meet together

Righteousness -- and peace kiss each other

Faithfulness, springs forth from the earth

Righteousness -- looks down from the heavens

The Lord -- will indeed give what is good

If you follow Him, follow Him like you should

(end chorus)

Dreams that, dreams sat in my mind

But I'm wastin', wastin' so much time

Wastin', wastin' too much time

Time wasted, Wastin' so much time

(ad lib, end with)

To much time ---- !


Written By, Don W. Bishop on 9-4-92; revised 2-16-95. All rights reserved.


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